Merci à - Dank aan - Thanks to - Danke an

  • Pascal ROSSION for his ideas and his precious help in the realization of the Site canvas.
  • Jean-Marie DE BLENDE for his authorization to publish part of the content of his book "30 years of Nike".
  • Alain SARTIAUX for his authorization to host some drawings and sketches.
  • Jan HERMANS for the F > NL translations.
  • Nancy THUNUS for the F > D translations. Werner REUTER for his corrections in D.
  • Gérard NYS for proofreading.
  • All the people who sent documents to enrich the site.
  • To webmasters and/or site managers who have authorized the insertion of their ties.
  • To the many friends who have made relevant remarks and encouragement.

And to all those who continue to move drawers and attic to find some original documents. ... Dany