The committee and our Amicale

Our full committee in 2007


Amicale du 13 W. MSL
139 D, Avenue du Roi Albert, Boite 303
5300 Andenne
Tel ☎️ : 0474 93 16 69


You have at some point in your career belonged to the missile units of the Air Force, whether as an Officer, NCO, Volunteer or Private. 13 Wing was one such unit. It was disbanded in 1990. In 1989, a 13 Wing Alumni Association was formed. This friendly aims to strengthen the bonds of friendship between people who have been part of these units regardless of the squadron or the service to which they belonged, to help its members through social, cultural or documentary activities, to communicate to its members all useful and up-to-date information that may have an impact on their daily lives. The Amicale has effective members (career soldiers who have been part of the 13 Wing) and sympathizing members (anyone with an interest in this body) The Amicale, which currently has around a hundred members, is managed by an office and a council administration.

Since 1989, the elders of 13 have, twice a year, within the framework of the Amicale, the opportunity to meet for a meal and sometimes for another activity organized within the framework of this day. (visit, ...) Any member of the Amicale is free to participate or not in these activities. These reunions, for some, are only an opportunity to meet again and have a drink together.
The Amicale also publishes, twice a year, a magazine addressed to all members in good standing. The amount of the latter has been set at €12 from 2022. During the festivities organized each year, this sum is mostly refunded to members and spouses in the form of a reduction in the participation price.

We believe that our publicity is that made by those who have already participated in our various activities. If you are interested, contact one or the other elder of the 13 who is part of the friendly and who is in your unit or in your region. Ask him what he thinks about it, and, if you feel like it, join us by paying your contribution to the Amicale du 13 Wing - Rue de Loverval 339 at 6200 Chatelet. - IBAN: BE16 7805 9133 7574 - BIC: GKCCBEBB.

If you would like more information, please contact our secretary, Mrs. Catherine Dubois, listed above.