President s message 2024

president Dear members,

Ukraine, Israel, what tensions in the world at this time. To this we add the terrorist attacks or threats arising from these tensions which are hitting many European countries including ours. 2023 does not end in joy and peace. Let us also think of those who have left us this year. They are particularly numerous, but it is true that we are all getting older.

We had the opportunity to meet on April 29 in Koksijde where despite the distance, despite the spring holidays, there were still 47 of us. On October 21, there were 37 of us in the Chimay region, in Poteaupré. The reduced number of participants at these two meals can be explained by the distance to travel for some, although some people, in order not to interrupt their pleasure of seeing each other again, decided to stay there. Another reason seems to be the lack of information regarding our various events. However, we strive to inform the members of our association as best we can. There are always the “recalcitrants”.

We remind you that the organization of our activities is made known to everyone via the association's website. Members of the Association are also informed of the organization of an activity through the newspaper. When the quota of participants is considered too low, we will consider sending a reminder email to full members in the future. Hence the importance of informing us of your email address and any changes to it.

When it comes to organizing activities, experience has taught us that members often prefer to spend a few hours reminiscing about past memories rather than feeling obligated to participate in a visit or other activity. This is why we don’t always combine a meal with an activity. We also try to choose events at an affordable cost. Since 1989 we have organized more than fifty activities. We are open to new ideas. Don’t forget to let us know your wishes. Even the most foolish ones. Despite my reminder in our last newsletter, very few have come forward. There comes a time when we need to repeat ourselves. This is the case this year. On May 4 we will go to Blegny. The details of this meal are included in this bulletin. You will be able to visit the mine, the permanent exhibition, or the biotope of the slag heap, or even take the tourist train ride. All information relating to the various possibilities is available on the Blegny-Mine site. You can also ask us for them. We will be happy to pass them on to you.

On October 6 we will meet at the Fraichau estate. Perched on the heights of Profondeville, it overlooks the Meuse valley and offers an unparalleled panorama in the region. The magnificent 5 hectare park dotted with century-old trees and the superb bower, classified as a Walloon natural heritage, will invite you to take a stroll.

In my last communication I announced the renewal of our website. Our Site was consulted 716 times the week of December 8 to 15 and more than 2,300 over the past month. Now is the time to pay your contribution for 2024. This amounts to 12 euros. This contribution is payable in one installment before March 1st. It is valid for the current calendar year (January to December) and entitles you to membership status and the benefits linked to this status (information sheet, reduction on meals and festivities of the year). For administrative reasons it is imperative to make your transfer to the following account:

IBAN: BE 16 7805 9133 7574 BIC code: GKCCBEBB
Amicale 13W MSL Rue de Loverval, 339 6200 Châtelet
With communication: 2024 contribution

Do not hesitate to send us your articles for the magazine and to notify us of any change of address or email.

All our best wishes for happiness and health for 2024.
See you soon.

Your President
Jean-Marie DE BLENDE