President s message 2022

president Dear members,

The Covid seems behind us, but let's still be careful because the sounds of hospital corridors do not fade. The sounds of boots in various parts of the world are also present. Ukraine, the many increases in the prices of everyday life, energy bills are the subject of much discussion and all our concerns. And it is not the declarations of our rulers and their fine promises, which sometimes take a long time to materialize, that will change this situation.

We had the opportunity to meet twice in 2022. Once in Perwez, on May 15, and the second time in Beauvechain in September. Our visit to Beauvechain was a success. After the first organizational difficulties due to the limitation of the number of participants, we found ourselves some 33 people at the entrance of the Base. All visitors were impressed by the briefing and the visit to the maintenance workshops. The visit to the Golden Falcon Museum furnished a sunny afternoon. So many memories for some of us seeing planes that we knew when we started in the Air Force, on which we flew on our way to Crete. So many emotions to find in the museum the pilot's helmet of Jean Cuignet, former squadron commander and former member of the Amicale. For those who have not had the opportunity to accompany us, we can only advise you to return to see this magnificent little museum. The necessary information is available on the website

The committee of our Amicale has been expanded with a new member, Mr Jérôme Taminiaux, computer scientist by profession and builder of Internet sites who has agreed to take care of ours and has proposed to modernize the structure which has become outdated. You have the pleasure of browsing it. This site replaces the one created at the time by Dany Rossion whom we will not cease to thank for this happy initiative. Let us know your comments.

Regarding the magazine of the Amicale, we still hope to have candidates to take over the writing of the newspaper. Calling fans. And in the meantime, do not hesitate to send us your articles. If we still have some ideas in our boxes for the future, do not hesitate to let us know your wishes. Nowadays we talk more and more about collaborative activities, help us to prepare these meetings by sending us your ideas, documentation, an internet address, etc. Do not hesitate to send us your articles for the review and to inform us of any change of address or e-mail. See you soon.

Your President
Jean-Marie DE BLENDE